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HiTrade Crypto Exchange is a grate gateway and platform to connect real life to crypto world

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HiTrade Token

How to Decrease the cost of exchanges?  how to get more benefit of hold and trade? and many how to with HiTrade Token

Crypto Exchange

HiTrade Exchange with amazing features and ability help expert and beginner trader to get more benefit from Cryptos

Trade by Benefit

Dont Know the Crypto Market and trade magics? there is no worry, LocallyCoins have grate Traders Team to help and support to you

HiTrade Token

Developed based on ERC20 and TRC20 platforms and blockchain,

Discount on Exchange Trades and get benefit on smart Investment services

share a part of mother holding project benefit and get extra bonus 

Trade By Benefit

Good analyse, good benefit

based on multy Traders team and mega BoTs , we have grate trader mechanism and devices, our platform designed for beginners, advanced, traders, so our data and results of our platforms can used for traders, investors, analysers, spoting and all other uses.

we create benefit, and have good variety of plans for all enteries, abour risk, amount of investment, and our profitability

Larger network, Bigger Profit

Our plan about networks and groups, will be amazed you, another part of making more income in our platforms, is trought intruductions,

Beaware of Scammers

Hitrade group recently Learned according to some calls, emails and social networking posts that some people trying to abuse of the HiTrade name and company brand and they has been published tokens and coin on other Blockchain same as our name and logo. Accordingly, the necessary research has been made and unfortunately, some Scammer Try to use people trust and damage to HiTrade name. Therefore, we need to announce items to prevent scams

The company, its group affiliates and Team have absolutely no involvement with these fraudulent practices and do not make such solicitations. Please be aware of this scam, and if you want to trade any token or coin please investigate enough and research about that.

if you find any suspicious, contact us immediately.

Who IS the Owner?

MED-CIN TECH GmbH Holding, decided to import part of it's business, Assets and project Profit into Crypto Currency world. And now we are witnessing the birth of the first child of this happy event, HiTrade Token. 

Our first target for HiTrade is South Africa Projects listed. Based on the company documents and contracts, a part of the profit of the MED-CIN TECH Holding projects is considered as support and HiTrade assets and is allocated to it.

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Dunford Oil and Gas refinery

Establishment of a Dunford Refinery project has been started since 2020 and continued in South Africa Country, according to the schedules of this project, the first phase will be put into operation in the next 3 years. 
The budget allocated to this project is more than 15 Billion Euro.

Power Plant

This project has beed started since 2020 and continued in South Africa Country, so based on the schedules of this project, it will be finished and operation in next 3 years.
The budget allocated to this project is more than 10 Billion Euro

Mooikloof Mega City 

This is an another MED-CIN TECH holding projects for South Africa Country that will be start for next Year. so they are in negotiation phase.